About scribblerdnb

Scribbler has been a London-based DJ and promotor since 2004, but since summer 2014 resides in the nightlife mecca that is Berlin. He’s been an enthusiastic contributor to London’s vibrant drum & bass scene – particularly in East London – and has DJ’d alongside the likes of Andy C, Artificial Intelligence, Tantrum Desire, Zero T, DC Breaks, ShockOne, Metrik, Survival, Culture Shock, and many others at some of the most recognised institutions and clubs, including Fabric.

His love for drum & bass led him to create the popular scribblerdnb podcast in early 2007. It started as a way to distribute his own mixes, but when the dnb media outlets began to take note, he took things up a gear, and now features established and emerging drum & bass artists from across the world. The podcast filled, what was at the time, a niche, by having no talking, just music, and in doing so rapidly grew into one of the most diverse and successful drum & bass mix podcasts on iTunes, with over 1 million downloads to date. Previous guest artists include: Mutated Forms, DC Breaks, Bop, Artificial Intelligence, and Naibu.

Scribbler has held residencies at Cafe 1001 on London’s famous Brick Lane in Shoreditch. He loves experimenting with new styles and drawing on his geeky knowledge of the various drum & bass subgenres to create memorable mixes suited for a variety of moods and occasions.

What people have been saying about the podcast:

Quality podcast, quite eclectic, proper representation. I’m more than impressed with this podcast; the sets I’ve listened to so far are quality, and the variation of styles between the podcasts is welcome. DJ Scribbler is without doubt providing quality tunage here – if you like drum and bass, listen in on this podcast. Bless up.

Killin’ em with Drum and Bass!!! I didn’t think I could be impressed anymore. Call me jaded but this has to be some of the smoothest blends I’ve heard in a looooong time!!! Long live the junglelist.

Scribbler = man of the people. D&B for the masses. Keep up the good work.

These Podcasts get better and better…… not listened to D’n’B for a long time but these podcasts have opened my ears to how good this music is sounding and how good the DJ’s laying it down are! These mixes have made my travels around the world even more amazing!

Everyone of the mixes seems to just hit the spot. Love the hot style. How many dope records does this guy have…

Wow… Not only does he blend them flawlessly, but DJ Scribbler’s got some killer tracks. Top-notch sound quality and flow, each of his episodes left me craving for more. Give us more, please!! And thanks for listing each track; really help a beginner DJ like me get an idea of what records to purchase. Thanks!

This is the only Podcast you need to subscribe to.

I though I’d have a hard time finding good Drum n Bass mixes, but when I came across this Podcast, I knew I found the best! Thank you for having this Podcast! Keep it coming!