Scribbler 012: MADMEN & POETS

56 mins Phunkfiction Recordings
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A brilliant mix from Bass Tikal, co-founder of the world renowned and highly acclaimed Phunkfiction Recordings label, as well as one half of rising stars Madmen & Poets.


  1. Madmen & Poets - Agent X (dub)
  2. Madmen & Poets - Inner Fears (Have A Break)
  3. Lenzman - Mesmerized (dub)
  4. Break - Enigma (Calibre remix) (Quarantine)
  5. Madmen & Poets - Serenity (dub)
  6. Specific - Tell Me (Zero T remix) (Phunkfiction)
  7. Madmen & Poets - Afraid of Jazz Lenzman Rmx (Phunkfiction)
  8. Lenzman & Submorphics - Way Back When (Phunkfiction)
  9. Madmen & Poets - Reached Out (dub)
  10. Q Project - Divided We Stand (Zero T remix) (Machine Funk)
  11. BCee - Disciple (Fokuz)
  12. Spectrasoul - Alibi (Critical)
  13. Lomax - Human Network (dub)

Additional episode details

Hannover's No.1 on the D&B circuit discovered his love for the broken Beat during a journey to London in 1994! After listening to some live broadcasts from London's Pirate radio, he began to spin Jungle / Drum & Bass records in 1994! He rapidly received his first residency in a Hannover based club called "Takt" in 1995. Soon came some regular bookings in north germany and later on over the whole country and Europe. In 1998 he decided to create his own sounds to play out and made the first attempts in producing music.

As the latest project, Sebastian Wolters (Bass Tikal) and Roman Herbst set up their own record label called Phunkfiction Recordings, where they create and spread the soulful side of D&B. The label started with a CD compilation called “The Breakbeat Lounge” mixed and compiled by himself. Vinyl releases followed afterwards from February 2005 on a regular base. They featured up-and-coming as well as already well known Artists like Syncopix, Basic Operations, Crescent Stare, AJC, Kubiks & Lomax, Drumatic, Contour, Stunna, Henree, Lenzman, Zero T and others. In 2007 Bass Tikal and his brother LF Flow began to produce together under their moniker "Madmen & Poets". They already released some of their first productions on Fokuz, Phunkfiction, Basswerk, Have A Break, Phuzion amongst some others. In 2009 they will play their first DJ gigs together. They also got numerous airplays for example on BBC 1Xtra and the Hospital Podcast.