Scribbler 016: MARTSMAN

60 mins Med School
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A true experimental artist, Martsman is as much an explorer as a musician, as he searches to unearth and discover new sounds, new methods and expand the realm of electronic music. Such forward thinking has made him a stand-out artist to the extent that the massive Hospital Records have signed him to their sister label Med School.


  1. Evasion - Kid606 [Tigerbeat6]
  2. Random Thoughts - Bop [Med School]
  3. Soho Code - Deep Blue [Offshore]
  4. Recess (Martsman remix) - Angelzero [Warm Comms.]
  5. Cleaning Blowere - Interrupt [Souther Sessions]
  6. Titan - Felix K [Hidden Hawaii]
  7. Subtleties - Escher [Unreleased]
  8. Mission Accomplished - Digital & Spirit [Razors Edge]
  9. Some Minimal Business (LXC remix) - Marstman [Subtle Audio]
  10. Society of Silver Skeletons - Dissident [Hotshore]
  11. Knifesharping - Current Value [Position Chrome]
  12. Pressing Buttons - Sileni [Subtle Audio]
  13. Capricorn 16 - Q-Project [CIA]
  14. Red Lights - Hokusai [Source Direct]

Additional episode details

Martsman, real name Martin Heinze (currently based in Berlin and Karlsruhe, Germany) got into Drum & Bass around the end of the 90s. Artists like Alpha Omega, 4 Hero, Sonar Circle and Squarepusher had a formative influence on him during the first years and after witnessing a Paradox live set in 2001, his ever growing interest in Drum & Bass evolved to the point where he began to produce his own music. With his affection for prominent basslines and stumbling breaks in combination with glitchy edits and bleepy minimalism, Martsman has developed a unique musical style which extends the current perception of Drum & Bass.

Debuting on New York based Offshore Recordings in 2005, he released on smaller as well as established labels like Alphacut Records or Counter Intelligence in the following years. For 2008, tracks on Warm Communications and Hospital Records' sub label Med School attract the attention of a steadily growing audience also from outside the Drum & Bass scene.