Scribbler 017: BOP

52 mins Med School/Kos.Mos
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An artist that is currently recieving massives amount of attention from the drum’n’bass scene due to his alternative and unique take on the 174bpm genre. Bop dives deep into the inner regions of his mind and presents us with music that is free from contamination from trends. Truly setting his own course, Bop is an outstanding producer from St. Petersburg that is creating his own sub-genre with massive support from Electrosoul System and labels Kos.Mos and Med School, Hopsital’s alternative label.


  1. Random Thoughts - Bop [Med School]
  2. On My Mind - D-Bridge [Exit]
  3. Ataraxia - Bop [Med School forthcoming]
  4. Love Session (Graphic remix) - Ezekiel Honig [Microcosm]
  5. On Your Mind - D-Bridge [Soul:R]
  6. Too Real - Lomax [Soul:R]
  7. Underwater Scene - Commix [Soul:R]
  8. Skeptikos - Bop [Kos.Mos]
  9. Rack It - Commix [Hospital]
  10. Intervention - Instra:mental [Exit]
  11. Clark Nova - Jason oS [Counter Intelligence]
  12. What Do You Like? - Jason oS [Subtle Audio]
  13. Chizra - Oak [Kos.Mos forthcoming]
  14. Flim - Aphex Twin [Warp]

Additional episode details

Hailing from Saint-Petersburg in Russia, Bop is a new breed of producer intent on re-writing the rulebook with an intoxicating ice-cold sound; embracing influences from deep techno and minimalist dubstep through to IDM and ambient drum & bass. At the turn of the millennium, however, he was listening to the polar opposite, discovering the heavyweight output of Konflict, Ed Rush & Optical, C4C and Bad Company. But it wasn't long until he found the experimental edge of d&b more appealing, the likes of Photek and Paradox inspiring him to carve out a sound of his own. On heavy rotation on the Bop home stereo now you're more likely to hear IDM, dub techno, free jazz yeah, trip hop and even hardcore punk.

Med School are delighted to announce the release of a twelve-inch single, featuring the stunningly beautiful “Song About My Dog” and glitch-ridden “Random Thoughts”. This will precede a CD album which is due to hit the shops in the summer, all tracks will simultaneously be available for digital download. This is drum & bass like you've never heard it before! Med School continues to push the envelope for truly forward thinking experimental music, without a concern for mainstream crowds or dancefloor constraints.