Scribbler 019: FUTURE THINKIN

62 mins Future Thinkin Records
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The highly talented and world renowned Future Thinkin crew hit us with a deep mix full of rollers. D.M Cut & Danny Exile in the mix with MC Shylo.


  1. Mirror - Rufige Kru vs D Bridge [Metalheadz]
  2. Imagine - KDC & Roller [Unsigned]
  3. Cold Front - ST Files [Soul:R]
  4. Miller - Blocks & Escher [Digital Soundboy]
  5. Hard Times - Calibre [V Records]
  6. Nothing's Changed - Stereotype [Unsigned]
  7. Green Light Beauty - Stereotype [Unsigned]
  8. Perfect Storm - Sable Gray [Unsigned]
  9. Get Some - Die & Break [Clear Skyz]
  10. Meet Me In My Shadow - Undersound [Future Thinkin Dub]
  11. Someday Somewhere - Rufige Kru [Metalheadz]
  12. Saved By The Bell - PLK [Unsigned]
  13. Fire - Grimm [Future Thinkin Dub]
  14. Aaj Mera Jee Karda - Amdesa [FT Digital]
  15. Austere - Escher [FTREC1206]
  16. Deep - Subject 13 & Resound [Future Thinkin Dub]
  17. Hooligan - Fierce & Break [Quarantine]

Additional episode details

Future Thinkin, as the name suggests, are one of the UK's most progressive, as well as respected D&B outfits. Since Future Thinkin were formed in late 1997. Danny Exile, DM C.U.T and Shylo have managed to nurture this collective and allow Future Thinkin to mature into a much loved fixture on the London D&B circuit. Through their sets as Future Thinkin, their flagship Clubnight “Traffic” and now with their Label (Future Thinkin Records) they continue to make an impact with everything they do, and most importantly, continue to represent the Full Spectrum of Drum & Bass music. Their events have gained a reputation for Excellent Music, lively matue crowds, and a genuinely unique vibe that follows FT Wherever they go. With Traffic creeping into its 6th year, and the label going from strength to strength, things have never looked better for all @ Future Thinkin