Scribbler 021: SUBSONIK

50 mins Subsonik Sound/Technique/Beta
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An artist from the USA that’s quickly climbing the ranks and stamping his mark on the jump-up and euphoric genres of drum’n’bass. Take note, if you hadn’t heard of Subsonik before, no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot from him and his label very soon.


  1. Sorry - Drifta ft. Sanna Hartfield [Subsonik Sound]
  2. Side 2 Side - Dodge & Fuski [Subsonik Sound]
  3. Rearranged - Drifta ft. Emily Grace [Subsonik Sound]
  4. Gemini - Aeph
  5. Half An Inch - Utipoa & Engage
  6. Knockout - Dodge & Fuski [Subsonik Sound]
  7. I'm Just Fine - Terravita ft. Dip Vertigo [Subsonik Sound]
  8. Amalgam (N.Phect remix) - Engage [Trust In Music]
  9. U-Turn - The Statesmen [Subsonik Sound]
  10. Let Me Go VIP - ShockOne
  11. Black Hawk Down VIP - Milo [Shadybrain]
  12. Botfunk - N.Phect & Dizplay [Shadybrain]
  13. Communication - The Statesmen [Subsonik Sound]
  14. Shane - Alliance [Cymbalism]
  15. Skysurf - Electrosoul System
  16. Hold On - Subsonik vs Kiro [Subsonik Sound]
  17. Thru My Eyes - Alliance [Bad Taste]
  18. Wave Breaker - Terravita [Subsonik Sound]
  19. Breakout (Terravita remix) - Subsonik [Subsonik Sound]
  20. Memories - 17th Boulevard [Bad Taste]

Additional episode details

Subsonik fell in love with Drum & Bass in 1996 but has in fact been involved with music for much longer, having played the drums for over 20 years! He began DJing and in 1997 played his first event alongside Wally 'Pish Posh'.

It took seven more years for Mark to get bitten by the production bug, but once he had there was no looking back. Combining his love of both Trance and Drum & Bass, his musical output mixes the epic melodies and atmospherics of the former and the punchy breakbeats and weighty bass of the latter to devastating effect.

It's his love of rhythm and musicality that is setting his sound apart from the crowd and winning him the support of DJs up and down the D&B scene, from the aforementioned John B to Evol Intent and Cause 4 Concern.

His heavy-hitting melodic tunes have been picked up by Drum & Bass' biggest and brightest imprints: Beta Recordings, Gain, G2, Sudden Def, Nightbreed UK, Incite, Xposure UK, Cymbalism, Terrafunk, Urban Takeover. Subsonik's latest accomplishment is an exclusive production deal with Simon Bassline Smith's Technique Recordings. The list of those championing his releases reads as a who's who of D&B and the list continues to grow.