Scribbler 022: DIRRRTY B

82 mins Vibez/RedMist/Influenza
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A favourite artist of mine that I’ve hoped to feature on the podcast for sometime. Little known, but highly respected by those with an ear for the soulful, groove and melodic vibes of drum’n’bass. Here Dirrrty B presents us with an impressive mix full of his own quality tunes.


  1. Some Sad Times - Decem [Dub]
  2. Eclipse - Dirrrty B & Wreckage Machinery [Influenza Dub]
  3. After Sunset - Dirrrty B, The Square & Eros [Next Sense Dub]
  4. Blackheart - Stunna ft. Focus [Telluric Records]
  5. Keep Your Hand On Me - The Square & Dirrrty B [Dub]
  6. Dream On - Dirrrty B & Wreckage Machinery [Dub]
  7. Circles On The Surface - Dirrrty B [Dub]
  8. Everyday - Dirrrty B [Human Soul R.I.P]
  9. Twilight - Soultec & Dirrrty B [Red Mist Dub]
  10. Kite Flying - Dirrrty B, Smote & Subway Funk [Dub]
  11. Between The Raindrops - Dirrrty B [Dub]
  12. You're Free (Dirrrty B remix) - The Square ft. Jett [Influenza Dub]
  13. Whispers - Dirrrty B [Vibez Dub]
  14. One More Try (The Square & Dirrrty B remix) - Stereotype [Urban Chemistry Dub]
  15. The Game - Nu.Clear [Dub]
  16. Hold On - Decem & Dirrrty B [Dub]
  17. Heat Of The Night - Dirrrty B [Urban Chemistry Dub]
  18. Diabolic - Eros & Dirrrty B [Dub]

Additional episode details

Dirrrty B, real name Michal Ratveisky, started to compose music in the early 90's, when he was only 14 years old. At that time hardcore and gabber were very popular in his homeland of Slovakia, so his productions were in this style. His first 'solo project' was called 'Speed Freak'.

In 2001 he started a solo project and named himself 'Dirty Beat'. He found the pleasure in drum'n'bass breakbeats, in chillout, downtempo and trip hop.

Michal has been producing drum'n'bass as 'Dirrrty B' since 2003. The first release came in 2008 on Esprit Records. Since then he has found his form and had releases on labels from acoss the globe.