58 mins
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This is a dub filled mix by Possibility, head of Touched By Records, new deep and minimal dnb label launching next month that’s definitely worth taking note of as they’re sure to be making a serious impact. Already with their artists set to make a mark in 2010, and with backing in the form of remixes from the likes of S.P.Y, Zero T, Kasra and Sinnistarr but to mention a few Touched By Records are landing in a big way. The labels first release is due next month witch is Pessimist- Whispers of Scandal backed with the S.P.Y remix. Look out for it in all good vinyl shops. Now sit back and enjoy some of what this new label has to offer.


  1. Humanity - Dakosa [Touched By Dub]
  2. Sentinels - Joe Syntax [Touched By Dub]
  3. Technology - Mr.Distance [Touched By Dub]
  4. Lost In Tokyo - Amoss [Touched By Dub]
  5. Whispers of Scandal - Pessimist [Touched By Dub]
  6. Expectra - Joe Syntax [Med School Dub]
  7. Void - Mr.Distance & Joe Syntax [X-Tinction Agenda Dub]
  8. Particles Moving - Mr.Distance [Touched By Dub]
  9. Keep Doing It - Joe Syntax [Touched By Dub]
  10. For The Weaker - Pessimist [Touched By Dub]
  11. Whispers of Scandal (S.P.Y remix) - Pessimist [Touched By Dub]
  12. Stay Away - C.A.B.L.E [Touched By Dub]
  13. Move - Amos [Touched By Dub]
  14. Famboise (Kasra remix) - Joe Syntax [Touched By Dub]
  15. Technology (Zero T remix) - Mr. Distance [Touched By Dub]

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