Scribbler 026: ANDY MYSTIC

63 mins Nu Directions
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Head of the outstanding and groundbreaking label, Nu Directions, Andy Mystic takes us deep into the ethos of the now firmly established label and shows us what future sounds lie ahead.


  1. Karma - Muted [Santorin]
  2. Crooked - Triad [Nu Directions]
  3. The Hatch - Clart [Dub]
  4. Solid Shout - Judda & Krakota [CIA Deepcut]
  5. Lightworks - Switch [Nu Directions]
  6. Trip Up - Need For Mirrors [Nu Directions]
  7. Days Of Rain - Level 2 [Liquid V]
  8. Anorak (Lynx remix) - Sinistarr [Nu Directions]
  9. Dementia - Dub Phizix [Dub]
  10. Nightrider - Seba [Nu Directions]
  11. The Puzzle - Triad [Nu Directions]
  12. Moving Pictures - Need For Mirrors [Dub]
  13. Featherweight - Ulterior Motive [Subtitles]
  14. Watch Ya Step (Need For Mirrors remix) - Kabuki [V Recordings]
  15. Guttermouth - Subterra [Nu Directions]
  16. Heatwave - The Insiders [Nu Directions]
  17. Posion Apple - Need For Mirrors [Chronik]
  18. Even Out - NotioN [Nu Directions]
  19. Selfless - Sam KDC [Nu Directions]

Additional episode details

Nu Directions was conceived in the summer of 1999 by Neil Hutchinson, aka Tricksta, as a continuation of his previous label project Urban Flavour, Nu Directions was formed as an outlet to release quality musical and forward thinking drum & bass.

The first few releases on Nu Directions continued on an atmospheric theme. As the drum & bass sound matured into the millennium the label followed suit with an array of twelves from new and established artists culminating in the labels first compilation following the tenth release.

In May 2004 Nu Directions released their first solo artist LP in the form of Environments by long-standing label servant ASC. A producer who debuted through Nu Directions back in 2000 finally delivered a groundbreaking LP for the concerning junglist and home listener alike.

Today Nu Directions has just entered its 11th year. It has clocked up a fine reputation for releasing quality drum & bass.

Nu Directions also boasts a successful monthly club sessions Nu:Motion. Held in the heart of the UK's drum & bass scene, east London, Nu:Motion at 1001 Cafe is the perfect reflection of the ethos and style of this small but long standing independent drum & bass label.