Scribbler 028: TRISECTOR

66 mins Med School
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An incredibly talented artist, that takes the murky genres of dnb, and disects them further into his own unique variety of raw sounds. His productions get better and better, so be sure to check out his backcatalogue, to understand why his tunes have been in the record bags of the worlds top DJs since his very first single.


  1. Failsafe - Trisector [Lifestyle]
  2. Junk 8 - Dak [Lightless Digital]
  3. The Causeway - Data [Influence]
  4. Escape Velocity - Eleven 8 & Kessla [Dub]
  5. Understory - Rebel Cause [Dub]
  6. Who's Next? - Trisector & Sol.ID [Dub]
  7. Cracker - Enei, Eastcolours & Noel [Critical]
  8. Don't Look Down - Break, Calyx & Teebee [Symmetry]
  9. Lifeforms VIP - Trisector [Dub]
  10. Underprint - Alix Perez & Noisia [Invisible]
  11. Airhead - Matrix [Virus]
  12. Does Not Compute - Trisector [Hustle Audio]
  13. The Limit - Fracture & Neptune [Astrophonica]
  14. The Turnover - Trisector [Lifestyle]
  15. Dead End - Trisector & Dejaru [Nerve]
  16. Coherence - Naraka [Vampire]
  17. The Cleaner - Hybris [Critical]
  18. Third Glance - FD [Critical]
  19. Out Of Nowhere - Defence [Dub]
  20. Morning Rain - Trisector [Med School]
  21. Piemo For B - Seba [Paradox Music]

Additional episode details

Trisector aka Otto Hassinen was inspired to create music from an early age having been heavily influenced by the music blasting out of his Commodore 64 and the Bruce Springsteen and Beatles tapes his dad played in the car. He got his first PC at the age of 11 and it wasn't long before he was experimenting with tracker software and samples to create all kinds of different styles of music. After a voyage of musical discovery taking him through the realms of punk rock, indie, dub techno and IDM, Otto discovered the amen break thanks to an LTJ Bukem mix CD and suddenly found himself primarily listening to and creating drum & bass.

Still fascinated by a wide variety of music, he unleashed his first release in 2004 on UK label Heavy Disco as one half of Finnish breakbeat/dubstep duo Takomo. Aided by DJ support from breakbeat heavyweights Annie Nightingale, Jay Cunning and Tayo, ten heavyweight Takomo releases followed on labels such as Botchit, Destructive and Urban Graffiti. DJ dates came thick and fast, presenting the boys with a chance to play all over Europe from Finland to Spain and Russia to the UK.

Otto rekindled his relationship with drum & bass in 2007 and began redeveloping his sound at 170bpm under the name Trisector. He quickly gained support from Blu Mar Ten, ASC, Muffler, Physics and Resound and it wasn't long before Hospital Records signed his tunes for their sister label Med School Music. In 2009 the debut Trisector single "Morning Rain" hit an unsuspecting drum & bass fraternity and was championed by High Contrast, Nerm (BBC radio) and London Elektricity amongst others. Trisector followed up with another Med School single "Lifeforms" at the end of the year, this time finding it's way into the record bags of Survival, S.P.Y, Kasra, Loxy, Mutated Forms and Chris.SU.