Scribbler 030: ALTER EGO

53 mins Dopetek/Magma
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Alter Ego joins us on the podcast to deliver a mix for those that like their drum’n’bass hard and grimey.


  1. End Of The World - Alter Ego [Dopetek Records]
  2. Uv Lost It - Rico & Scoop [Abducted Records]
  3. Unknown - Taskho [N/A]
  4. Tomahawk - Alter Ego [Magma Recs]
  5. Relentless - Deli J [Dopetek Recs]
  6. In Your Face - Alter Ego [N/A]
  7. Little Green Men (Neionlight remix) - Rico & Scoop [N/A]
  8. Coming Back - Alter Ego [Dopetek Recs]
  9. Answer - Cinkoz [N/A]
  10. Tell Me feat. Keri Greenaway (DnB Club remix) - Task Horizon & Tim Kleinert
  11. Untitled Dub - Alter Ego, Scoop & Canimos [Live & Dangerous]
  12. Untitled Dub - Alter Ego, Scoop & Repetition [Live & Dangerous]
  13. Tell Me feat. Keri Greenaway (Radio Edit) - Rico & Scoop [N/A]
  14. Solid - Cinkoz [N/A]
  15. Third Moon - Mind Warden [Live & Dangerous]
  16. Mad Society - Manacing Methodz [Global Domination]
  17. Vengence - Shimon [N/A]
  18. Purgatory (Task Horizon remix) - Kryteria [N/A]
  19. Duel - DJ Gunna [N/A]
  20. Shockwave - Alter Ego [Dopetek Recs]
  21. Running In The Night feat. Keri Greenaway - Mystical Sound [Live & Dangerous]

Additional episode details

Dj / Producer Alter Ego. (Michael Bowles) has worked on Drunken Masters "Dope Ammo" label tuning his craft, with collaborations which have received acclaim amongst the Drum and Bass community.

In Aug 05 he was BBC 1Xtra's cutting room winner. He was then signed to Maximum Ammo Records, founded by Coco (Dope Ammo) & Dj Swan-E (Maximum Boost) for new up and coming artists.

His first release was "Mortal Kombat" MA002, this tune showed everyone what he was all about. After the success of his last release he hit the scene with a dance floor bomb "Space Race" MA004 which was heavily supported by 1xtra, Brockie, Zinc, Mampi Swift, Darren Jay, Nicky Blackmarket & J Majik etc..

He then followed up with "Infection / Every Single Sound" MA005 carrying on his trade mark style. By now he had started getting a name for himself, and in Sept 2007 he got a track signed by Mickey Finns new imprint label Finn People Productions, which has already seen the likes of Modified Motion, Ego Trippin and Urb n Dub.

Now in 2010 he is also working for many labels including: Live & Dangerous, Dopetek Recs, Magma Recs, Karma Digital, Mercury Audio Recs, Global Domination, Ruff DnB (Also currently working on tracks for) Lava Recs, Ten Ton Beats, Pitbull Recs.