Scribbler 036: DUOSCIENCE

58 mins Celsius/Fokuz/Soul Deep
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We’re blessed with the smooth and soulful sounds of one of Brazil’s rising producers, Duoscience.


  1. My Story - Duoscience [Soul Deep]
  2. Reverse Path - Duoscience [Soul Deep]
  3. Your Company - Duoscience [Celsius]
  4. Simple Life - Duoscience [Soul Deep]
  5. Concord You - Duoscience [LuvDisaster]
  6. Girl - Duoscience [Beats Connection]
  7. Esperanza - DJ Chap [Herbal]
  8. Away With Me feat. Tamara Blessa (Calibre remix) - Spectrasoul [Shogun]
  9. Spoken Ex - Etherwood [Boom Ting]
  10. Archimedes - Mechanizm [Vampire]
  11. Soluble - Duoscience [Rotation Recordings]
  12. Questions - Incident [Fokuz]
  13. Sincere Friendship - Duoscience [Fokuz]
  14. Ressurection - Duoscience & mSdoS [Fokuz]
  15. SoulSelf - Duoscience & Scott Allen [Fokuz]
  16. Rocky The Balboa - mSdoS [Liquid Drops]
  17. Mute (Stereotype remix) - FullCasual & The Torch feat. Intimate [Intelligent]
  18. Bar Soul - Scott Allen & mSdoS [Have A Break]
  19. Scorsese - Kasper [Fokuz]
  20. Backwards - mSdoS [Liquid Drops]
  21. Piano Bar - Motta & mSdoS [LuvDisaster]
  22. Into Me - Oliver Ferrer [Dub]
  23. My Way - Unreal [Dub]
  24. I Found You - Duoscience [Dub]
  25. ABC - Duoscience [Fokuz]
  26. Let Me Love (Duoscience VIP) - Silence Groove [BassDriveTunes]
  27. Last Night (Duoscience VIP) - Duoscience & Mayforms [DNBB Recordings]
  28. Let Me Know - Duoscience feat. Skyeyes [Fokuz]

Additional episode details

Edu Ventura a.k.a. Duoscience is a Brazilian sound producer from Sao Paulo, he had his first contact with music in infancy, through the music of the 50′s – 80′s, like R & B Soul, Wor, World Music,Funk,Gospel Music. And influenced by names like Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Billy Paul.

The Commodores, The Isley Brothers, Dionne Warwick, RobertaFlack among others, thus awakened a taste for good music. In 1997 he started his promising journey as a music producer, with reference to names like DJ Premier, 2Pac, Bone, Brian McKnight, Roni Size, Adam F DJ Hype, among others. Today, with numerous EPs released by major labels.. Duoscience has stood out for his musical versatility around the world. Having the support of DJs like Crissy Criss (BBC 1Xtra),Bass Drive Crew, Bryan Gee, Random Movement, Stunna, Jason Magin, Digital & Outrage, Utah Jazz, Bailey and many others.