Scribbler 038: GREG PACKER

90 mins Interphase
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We’re honoured to present a true veteran of not only drum’nbass, but one who’s skills and knowledge have made him an ambassador for dance music as we know it today. Originally from England, but based in Perth, he has become the most significant contributor to drum’n’bass in all of Australia, which has ultimately led to the creation of his hugely successful label, Interphase. Greg Packer treats us to a mix that’s rammed full of classics both new and old that hits the spot perfectly.


  1. Only You (Greg Packer remix) - Nookie [Phuzion Digital]
  2. 5 AM - Dynamic [Phuzion Digital]
  3. Rep Ya Culture - Greg Packer & Assassin [Interphase Digital]
  4. Wordsworth - Lenzman [Metalheadz]
  5. We Are One (Nu-Logic remix) - Logistics [Hospital]
  6. Coming For You (Greg Packer remix) - Alexus [Interphase Digital]
  7. Pass The Kutchie - Benny Page [Necessary Mayhem]
  8. Original Ses (Serial Killaz VIP) - Rebel MC feat. Top Cat [Congo Natty]
  9. Gunshot Riddim - Greg Packer & Assassin [Interphase Digital]
  10. Entertainer - Freestyles [Jungle Cakes]
  11. Project One (Greg Packer remix) - Tango [Dub]
  12. Chantdown Babylon - Potential Bad Boy feat. Yush [Jekyll & Hyde]
  13. Who's Gonna Make The Dance Ram (Serial Killaz remix) - Andrew Paul [Fashion]
  14. Sugar Dub - Greg Packer [Dub]
  15. >> Bonfire - Knife Party [Big Beats]
  16. Piano Funk - Total Science & SPY feat. Riya [Toolroom]
  17. I Remember - Culture Shock [Ram]
  18. Sound Kriminal - Greg Packer & Assassin [Interphase Digital]
  19. Terrorschizm - Greg Packer & Assassin [Interphase Digital]
  20. I am Love - Tim Cant [Phuzion Digital]
  21. Hurt No More (2012 remix) - Laroque & Greg Packer feat. Angie Brown [Dub]
  22. Snorkel (SPY remix) - Siren [Siren Records]
  23. Troglodyte - Culture Shock [Ram]
  24. Crazy - Packer & Rhodes feat. Thavy [Dub]
  25. Jetlag Funk - Netsky [Hospital]
  26. I See You - Metrik feat. Kathy Brown [Viper]
  27. >> Footloose - Culture Shock [Ram]
  28. Detonate - Netsky [Hospital]
  29. Bagpuss - Greg Packer [Interphase Digital]
  30. Diplodocus (Kill The Noise remix) - Noisia [Mau5Trap]
  31. Cross The Line (Metrik remix) - Camo & Krooked [Hospital]

Additional episode details

Greg packer began dj-ing hip hop in the summer of 1989 whist still living in Northampton England. And soon afterwards emigrated to Australia where he immediately held the west-australian dmc title for 2 consecutive years. It was a natural progression into drum'n'bass as the music he immersed himself in evolved, which soon earn him high accolades such as ‘ best rave DJ 1994 , best mixing DJ 1995 , best drum & bass DJ 1996 and every year until 2007’ making a total of 11 years Best DnB Dj at the Perth PDMA’s. Greg has held numerous residencies and played hundreds of guest spots over the years and supported practically every drum & bass DJ that visits Perth.

In 1998 Greg decided to take things to the next level and invest in a studio and start to make his own music. After some encouragement from long time friend LTJ Bukem and releases on Good Looking, Tangent and others, Greg was well and truly on his way, in the following yeas that has grown to 121 releases for some of the most iconic labels within drum & bass.

Greg set up a record label in 2000, Interphase, and now has Interphase Digital which is focusing mainly on collaborating with ‘MC Assassin’ in recent times, with big tracks including "Sound Kriminal" and "Rep Ya Culture".